Our Aim



Our shared vision is of a school that enables each student enrich his/her potential And bring out the talents through Environment that is Secure, constructive, comprehensive and convivial.


1. To provide excellent opportunities for the development of the child in academic, scientific, Technical, Cultural and Social aspects through a holistic approach.
2. To establish an ideal atmosphere for nurturing the future citizens who are international in their outlook and at the same time cherish & uphold our glories national heritage and culture.
3. To motivate and equip our pupils to develop confidence, communicative abilities, initiative and other essential leadership traits to successfully themselves in society whatever walk of life they choose for themselves.
4. To promote a healthy ambience that encourages and strengthens a healthy relationship between the students and teachers on one hand and between the teachers and the parents on the other hand in as disciplined environment based on mutual respect and understanding:

“Parents are the first teachers and Teachers are the second parents”.